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Boost Your Online Sales With Affiliate Marketing


Advertisers, also referred to as merchants, are companies, businesses, retailers or manufacturers who sell a product or service online. Publishers, or affiliates, actively promote that product or service by placing links, ads and other promotions from the advertiser onto their website. As visitors to these websites click on those links and ads, they are directed to the advertiser's website.

If these referred visitors place an order or make a purchase, the advertiser shares a portion of the revenues with the publisher for the referral. For facilitating the partnership between advertiser and publisher, Commission Tracer receives a small portion of the revenue as well- much smaller than the leading affiliate networks out there.

Because of this business model, it is practically impossible for an advertiser to lose money through affiliate marketing. Advertisers only pay for their advertising when it works. Marketing dollars are only paid out from revenue generated. There's always a positive return on investment!

Imagine having dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people actively selling your products or services for you! This is the power of affiliate marketing. But that's not all; affiliate marketing gives advertisers something they have always been looking for- transparency.

With lots of reporting tools available, advertisers can now see how often their ads are being seen, on which channels they were shown, how often they were clicked, what visitors did when they arrived, and more. The measurability that is so lacking in other advertising media is right at your finger tips with Commission Tracer.

As an advertiser, you have full control over your affiliate approval process. If you want to let anyone become a publisher in your program, you can allow them all. If you want to pick and choose where you want to allow your ads to show up, you have that option as well.

Commission Tracer is an exclusive online affiliate marketing network. Because we only accept the best, we only offer the best. Advertisers and publishers are screened for quality to make sure that Commission Tracer offers you the best bang for your affiliate marketing dollars.

Affiliate marketing with Commission Tracer is simple, cost effective, transparent and flexible. What are you waiting for, sign up to be an advertiser today!